ISO – EWI Screw in Spiral Anchor Fixing Plug


  • Ideal for fixing Guttering, Satellite Dishes, Washing Lines, Burglar Alarms and Much more to EWI.
  • Unique construction of screw thread section provides support for wide variety of diameters, without limitation of screws’ length.
  • Unique self-drilling point allow precise installation through any type of façade plaster, preventing from breaking its surface
  • No thermal bridging
  • Ribs on the internal surface of plate provide locking in surface during driving screws in and out and even surface of plug with substrate after fixing
  • Proper shape of TX/HEX socket provides stabilization during the process of driving in by providing necessary grip for the bit
  • Surface of the plate allows hiding installation hole and perfectly matches the surface of plaster layer, not deformating it
  • Can be installed with commercial drill/drive tool.
  • 50mm Box Qty 50
  • 90mm Box Qty 25

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